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Data Breaches A National Crisis, Really?

When Investigative Reporter Brian Krebs broke the news that Target Company had experienced a data breach, we at scamFRAUDalert asked the question, how pervasive this was? This was December 24, 2013. Fast forward nine months (9) later, we’ve now learned of JP Morgan Chase and there have been other breaches at Home Depot, Michael’s Stores, Signature Systems, Jimmy Johns, The Goodwill Stores, P.F. Chang’s, Neiman Marcus, SuperValu, and the list goes on and on of breaches unreported nationally. As of October 7, 2014, there have been 589 data breaches recorded by the Identity Theft Recourse Center (ITRC) as compare to 467 breaches in all of 2013.

Based on our experienced of monitoring cybercrimes, this is the new gold mine for these thugs. They seems to gravitate to where the action is.

Government agencies and companies worldwide should take an offensive approach to data security breaches. They should go after these thugs forcefully with the zest of a warrior rather then playing defense. They should follow Mircosoft lead. The internet touches our every day life and is a precious medium of communication to have it infested with just a  few criminals.  The consequences of not playing offense in the fight against cybercrime can be catastrophic. It simply going to get worse.

Our private information are at risk. These records are being SOLD all over the internet making them accessible to creeps, slimes, parasites, psychopaths, and cyber criminals.

In our opinion, this is not a national crisis, this is an imminent threat to our way of LIFE. We should not be going after these thugs after the fact. By then, it’s perhap too late.

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Neiman Marcus Data Hacked

Reports online says Neiman Marcus Data Hacked. This is the second cyber data hacked we’ve heard about in recent days. Target was hacked over the Thanksgivings Day weekend so we now know Texas base Neiman.

This is a growing problem as we witnessed in the 1980’s and 1990’s, terrorism. Governments around the world need to DECLARE WAR on cybercrime and aggressive prosecute those who are engage in such activities.

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Target Data Beach Highlight How Pervasive This Is Becoming

English: Logo of Target, US-based retail chainThe recent case of Target Corporation data beach where  credit and debit cards data for some 70 million customer accounts were compromised is just another reminder of how pervasive cyber crimes are becoming. An escalating and alarming trend.

Since human existence, crime have always been a part of society. Crime no matter what kind have been local and dealt with by local law enforcement. Crime is like death and taxes or nudity and profanity. Society have accepted these irrational behaviors as lexicons and have dealt with crime through parenting and the community. Today, crime is now at a new level, it’s globalization. It’s international. It’s a global village.

Here’s why. Take the case of the Somalian pirates. These pirates hijacked cargo ships and demand ransom payments for which the multinational ship owners pay the ransom demanded.

In medieval times, pirates who hijacked ships would unload the cargo on board the captured vessels to land and resell the cargo (merchandise) to the public. Today pirates demand ransom payments which are made via bank transfers. Technology has invaded crime. Clearly the Somalian pirates have accomplices and co-conspirators.

Cyber-crimes as we have documented and monitored their activities online over the years  encompasses a network of individuals who are collaborating directly and indirectly by their activities and participation. These incidents are not carried out by some kid or rogue individuals – hackers. This is organized crime. Security experts and news media groups should STOP referring to these thugs as hackers.

These individuals include a web of people, i.e. politicians, investment bankers, venture capitalists, Sleazeball Attorneys, unscrupulous IT Professionals [Data Centers/Hosting Companies. Affiliates], reputable news media group, employers – masquerading as legitimate, criminal store fronts, employees and other  who have access to data management and accessibility and more importantly, our judicial system that allows frivolous complaints to be heard and Judges that seem to tolerate LIES.

To combat cyber crimes, our judicial system need to play a more vigorous and aggressive role. The Courts in it’s infinite wisdom are precluded from throwing out bogus lawsuits. However, Courts do have Judicial Discretion. Courts need to exercise judicial discretion and throw out bogus lawsuits that take up courts time and resources as these criminals see the judicial systems as safe havens.

Because law enforcement  are up against a network of bureaucratic professionals interrelated by their business practices and well financed, any threat of eradicating cyber crime rest with the Courts. Law enforcement are not adequately equip to deal with cyber-crimes. They just don’t have the resources that is required to put a dent in cyber crimes. That is why Judges and Attorneys who are officers of the Court need to take the lead. Courts need to have zero tolerance for lawsuits that are frivolous when it relates to cybercrime and clearly where the public are at risk.

Cyber crime for these individuals is INSTANT LOTTERY WEALTH; such perverse thinking is the root of cybercrime.

How pervasive has this become? Is this the new norms? In this new era of smart phones, ipads, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other technological advancements?

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